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How to Preview: The “SPECTRE” Trailer Is Here


Step 1: Cue the James Bond theme. The latest trailer for the highly anticipated next 007 installment has been released, and I am more than excited after being properly teased by it. Watch!

Step 2: Ask yourself: Has Daniel Craig truly become the best Bond of them all? It’s always been close, with the original Sean Connery still slightly in the lead, but after Skyfall, Craig really took it up a notch, proving he’s the coolest James ever. Now, this trailer? Forget about it…

Step 3: Find the best villain. Besides the fact that 007’s ultimate nemesis SPECTRE is making a glorious return, there’s also Christophe Waltz as its helm. Will he have a cat?

Step 4: Be patient. SPECTRE comes out November 6.

How to Know What You Don’t Know

I’m having a little fun tonight with my headers, just so you know. But How Do You Know? Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd are having a tough time figuring that out in the next James L. Brooks flick, another dramedy. Here’s the trailer:

Um, I’m not really sure about this one. I’ve loved Brooks’ movies like Broadcast News and As Good As It Gets, but is it me or does look kinda boring? Hope I’m wrong.

How to Love Drugs and Others

The title of the movie is actually Love and Other Drugs but you get the point. Check out this trailer to the new dramedy, which looks to be a kind of a twist on the weepy disease of the week, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

How to See “Red”

Check out this trailer to the upcoming actioner Red, about a black-ops agent (Bruce Willis), who has to reassemble his old team in a last ditch effort to survive. Any movie in which Helen Mirren can shoot a gun is MY kind of movie.

How “Harry Potter” Ends Things

This trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows gives me goosebumps, I’m THAT excited!

How the “Takers” Trailer Takes

Takers looks dangerously to Heat, but maybe not as good. And Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba are beginning to pigeon-hole themselves with this and The Losers. Hmmmm …

How to Get Excited About “Inception”

As much as I love summer movies, I haven’t been AS excited about this summer’s lineup as I have in the past. Except for Inception. I. Can. Not. WAIT for this one! Here’s the latest trailer.

How to Use a “Machete”

Now this looks like pure vintage Robert Rodriguez. I remember seeing the “fake” trailer for Machete during the Grindhouse double feature and thought, “That would be a badass movie.” I guess others agreed. Check out the all-star cast:

How to “Splice”

Freeeeeeeeeeeaky! Human DNA spliced with animal DNA = not a very good idea. Watch what I mean:

How to Get Your “Hex” On

I’ve got to admit, Jonah Hex doesn’t look half bad — even if Megan Fox is in it. Agree?