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How to Return to The Movie Kit Blog


Step 1: Look at the date of the last Movie Kit entry and ask, “Holy crap, it’s been almost three years since I posted anything? What have I been doing?”

Step 2: Say to yourself that writing entertainment news all day long hampers brainpower to write fun, movie stuff. Kardashians, I curse you!

Step 3: Realize that’s just an excuse.

Step 4: Just write, dammit! And so it begins… again.

Hi, I’m Kit Bowen and Welcome to

OK, the title is a tad cutesy (and clever, no?), but I’m just doing my part to stand out in the crowd, to contribute to the already overcopulated, er, populated movie bloggersphere. Why? Because I want to. I’m sort of a junkie for movies (TV, too but that might be for another blog), and I feel compelled to share my obsession with others. What I say won’t make or break anything; it’s just my opinion. But still, I might connect with someone and if I can reach just ONE person, then I know I’ve done my job. Wait, that sounded like a teacher. No, that’s not what I mean. Instead, think of as a how-to manual to movies. A “kit,” as it were. Get it? Oh, nevermind …